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Okay okay guys. Here it is!  

I've taken everything I learned from my over 10 years of consulting over 4,000 clients personally, 
(Of all sizes, from beginners and solopreneuers, to clients as big 
as the CEO of Zappos Delivering 
Happiness At Work.)

combined it with everything I learned TEACHING the Funnel Consulting Method to over 100,000 people worldwide... 

And put it all into ONE insane book.
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I've Written This Book For Those That Have A Burning Desire To Become A 7-Figure Funnel Consultant... 
The 4 Secrets 
To Start & Become An Awesome Funnel Consultant
How To Make Funnel Consulting Highly Profitable And Location Independent
We’ll go over how I first discovered funnel consulting, the story of the first time I taught it to someone else, why the demand for it is so massive, and finally the core skills you need to do it.
The 3 Things To Do To Get High Paying, Easy, AND Satisfied Clients 
For Your Funnel Consulting Service.
The difference between funnel consultants that struggle and those that massively succeed is in those 3 keys.
How To Use $50 To Get Unlimited High Paying Clients Even If Nobody Has Ever Heard Of You
...without doing free trials
...without hard selling 
...and while being totally ethical
This right here, is one of my biggest and best innovations that I developed from working with my students. 
It’s the answer to the question of…

“How do I go from a student to a real life, paying consultant, with the internal confidence and external proof?”

That’s exactly what this $50 method will show you.
Plus, it’s totally in YOUR CONTROL. 
You won’t have to rely on ANYONE to do it. 

How To Turn A 6-Figure Consulting Business Into A 6-Figure
This is the absolute key of how to start to scale your business and grow to the level that you want.
If You Have A Burning Desire And Big Goals Then This Is Your Book
What Others Have Said About My Consulting Secrets & Methods...
In my over 20 years of business consulting. Mike is an absolute “unicorn” and you won’t find many (if any like him) if you want to succeed as a business owner in today’s world.
Mike has totally transformed me and my business.
Before Mike, I just felt overwhelmed with too many dots to connect, too many things to learn, and too many “experts” to pull everything together. And in the time, I wasted too much time, a lot of money, and my sanity trying to figure it all out.

I joined Mike for 2 reasons: 

1) Trust and 
2) He’s really "been there and done that”.

I’ve already wasted too much on people who promise results, but only deliver excuses.

Mike not only has delivered results for his own business by mastering all the critical pieces to being successful today, he is a guy that I can truly trust to have my back and work for my best interest (and not just his own).

Literally in days, Mike shared with me ninja level advanced techniques that I had never seen before but instantly had an impact on conversion where I had been stuck for months!

In some ways, I hesitate to write this on behalf of how awesome  Mike is because he’s the best kept secret in the industry… but at the same time… Mike deserves every success because he’s given so much to me in my business and life.

Apply to work with Mike now before you come to regret not working with him when you had the chance.

— James Key Lim, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and former CEO of Zappos Delivering Happiness at Work based upon #1 NYT best seller by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com"
Are there any bonuses, Mike?
Yes! I'm including 2 pre-orders as bonuses. They will be released by October 14th, and they are included for free!
The First Super Bonus: “Advanced Secrets” Book:
Preview Of What's Inside "Advanced Secrets"...
The One Secret To Escape 
The “Dollars For Hours” Prison:
How To 10x Your Hourly Rate While Keeping Your Clients Happy 

The #1 Mistake New Consultants Make 
This Can Seriously Slow Or Kill Your Progress. Fixing It Unlocks Massive Momentum

How Much Should You Charge? 
My Instant Hack To Find The Best Consulting Rate For Maximum Short And Long Term Profit. 

3 Evil Client Redflags To Avoid: 
Memorize these! And learn how to spot them in future prospects! It will save your life.

Hidden Danger!
How One Innocent Client Request Can Cause You To Lose Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

Consultant Or Hoe (?)
How To Avoid The “Turning Tricks For Cash” Trap 

Finally... Included Is A Pre-Order For: 
Secret Of High Ticket Sales
Preview Of What's Inside "Sales Secrets"...
The #1 Secret That Makes Sales Easy: 
Clients Will Love Giving You Money After You Do This

10x Your Results
The 2 Questions To Ask About Every Client That Will Determine Whether Can 10x Your Results.

Clients In Heat!
How To Identify "Clients In Heat" Who Are Ready And Willing To Pay For Your Service Right Now

The 5 Keys To Selling Big Packages
When We Asked Businesses What Is Important For Them When They Pay $10k+ for a service, They All Wanted These 5 Things. 

What To Do Before You Show The Price
The One Thing To Do Before “Revealing The Price” That Gets Your Client To Feel That The Value Is There

The "Ferrari Secret"
The 2 Secrets That Will Make Your Clients Happily Pay You 2x, 3x, and Even 5x More Than Your Competition.
“Just ONE thing you learn here can be worth thousands of dollars” 
This is not a hype filled, salesy book. 
As you can see, inside is very concentrated secrets, tips, and shortcuts, that you can take and implement RIGHT AWAY. 

These are my methods and my secrets. 
And for a limited time I’m giving away this entire bundle for for my Facebook friends for just $5. 

If you have a desire to be a 7-figure funnel consultant, then you will not find a better guide for this, anywhere.

Either You LOVE This $5 Bundle Or Get Your Money Back
If you aren't happy with this, for whatever reason. Just let us know within 30 days and we'll give you back your $5. No hassle or hard feelings or anything. 

Get it. You seriously won't regret it. 
See You Soon,
Mike Kabbani :-D 
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